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“I was introduced to the Dalan D’Olive Intensive Cream by another person. I had a scrape on my arm & as it was healing, it was very itchy. So I tried the Dalan D’Olive Intensive Cream &, the itching went away fast. It started healing noticeably fast! I had used a steroid cream but it was very slow &, didn’t take the itching away. I then tried it on Psoriasis, on my face, & the next day it was clearing up. I was amazed by how fast I saw noticeable change. This cream is really amazing! I am now trying other Dalan D’Olive products.

Thanks ”------Simon

“My new favorite moisturizer. It not only smells lovely but leaves your skin feeling smooth.”    ------M. Galouzis



“I love this cream. Dalan D’Olive hand and body cream feels light on the skin and moisturises well and with a faint but pleasant scent. Small size great for keeping in my bag and reapplying after hand washing.”------Nicola


“Cracking, redness and chapping from this winter’s severe cold spells really took a toll on my hands. I am not crazy about using hand cream during the day and mostly just use creams when going to bed. I needed a cream that absorbed quickly and didn’t leave a greasy feel behind. Then I tried “Dalan D’Olive Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream” and found just what I was looking for in a hand cream. It absorbs quickly, has a wonderful clean scent and leaves my hands soft and hydrated.”------J. R. Flesher


“I first bought this in Turkey at the pharmacy I shopped at, than again in one of the markets, I tried to take as much home with me, so when I was getting low, I decided to see if I could get it on line. Now I don’t have to run out, I just love it, and it has a wonderful low scent as well as it makes your skin look and feel wonderful, very soothing, I don’t want to be out of it ever again!”------B. Cutshaw


“Love this shampoo. Dalan D’Olive Repair Care Shampoo leaves my hair perfectly clean and fresh and do not seem to need as much conditioner.”------Nicola Wallis


“I was initially apprehensive to try the soap as previous soaps have dried my skin out. This was a stark contrast from them and my skin felt clean, moist and healthy. Easy to apply and smells great. Thank you.”------Serge


“The perfect complement to repair care shampoo. A final touch leaving my hair healthy and protected from the elements.”------Serge



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